Its funny how advertisements are so different now. Generations after generations everything changes. Technology takes on a big part of today’s society. I found this advertisement on Pepsi from the 1950’s. It’s so different to now. Back then artwork/design on advertisements was all by free hand. Illustrations like this must have taken forever. They would have to make sure very detail counts and looks perfect. In the illustration I can see that women back then were like sex symbols and today as well, they do this to grab attention from men and women to buy the product. The way the women in posing is a relaxed and refreshed emotion with a sexy and fit body. The way the guy is looking at the women thinks she is sexy and want some of what she is having which is Pepsi. In today’s Pepsi advertisements they use sports poses and celebrities or icons that are in good shape, or just the male or female figure, also they are mostly photography in color and some illustration but done on the computer. The only thing I don’t like about 1950’s advertisements are the logo. The logo is placed in a random spot and has no purpose to the ad. It looks tacky with the yellow background.






This wine bottle was one of my researches for a wine label project. This bottle stands out of Dan Murphy’s shelve for me because of the color and the shape of the label. It is very different to other labels. What I like about this wine label is the shape. It had an old, ancient, unique and delicate look. This wine is for a mature audience. The label is in a stamp shape, which makes it look interesting. It shows a lot of detail in the image as well. The logo is light, feminine and fragile. Its typeface is script and gold. Gold usually mean power, strong, the hero and rich. The colors go well together, the gold/yellow stands out of the red wine bottle.


Florian Nicolle, aka Neo, is a 22 years old Graphic Designer and Illustrator. He is French, lives in Caen, France, and is a Graphic Designer graduate that developed a passion for illustration while taking his design course. He is now planning to move to Paris and illustration has become his main route in the industry. Neo really enjoys art and likes to observe illustration of famous and anonymous artists with different styles to get inspired. With his drawings he wants to pass the feeling that the viewer is being observed by the draw, witch give us a very good feeling about his drawings.

This is an inspirational illustrator. His illustration artwork represents me in a way because I love to draw and have fun with different medium  in my spear time. Its very free, messy and shows emotion. He uses; watercolor, acrylic paint, newspaper, ink pen, textured paper, and fineliner.


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Photography. Lately I’ve had been interested in taking photos. I’m learning how to use the camera. I started to be more interested learning about the camera and taking interesting photos for many of my projects in scanned images class this year. Melbourne City has so much to offer. It is an inspirational city. Everywhere I go there is design. There are so many things to see. Graphic Design is everywhere! There’s typography, photography, advertisements, newspaper, magazines and signs. These’s are ways for designers and writers to be heard. All theses things are design. We need design because  it  helps us to improve an easyier way to communicate information and get the message across, making it more simple, and legible.

My dad loves photography and so do I. My dad and I made a pack that we would go every weekend and go to places around the city and take photos.  One night my dad and I went to crown and I took this photo of South bank. I love the city at night. It becomes alive. I took this photo because Melbourne is one place I love and to be inspired by. How did I take this photo?  The camera is on a stand and is very still. When you focus on the image and you take the shot, at the same time you move the lens in and out, so you can get that motion.


Georges Antoni is from Australia and his fashion photographer. He started in Sydney, London and New York, he’s career in the global fashion industry. He growed up in Queensland. Georges’ photographs is known for his bold lighting and startling settings – are lead to  fashion and pop culture magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Grazia. He has shot many major fashion campaigns in Australia for clients such as Myer, David Jones and  Kookai and many more. Also worked with celebrity clients include  Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Hawkins,Rose Byrne and heaps more.

I meet George Antoni at the agideas.  Antoni was an amazing speaker. He spoke about his childhood and how be became a designer. His life story was very funny. When he showed his work I was speechless.  His photography is so unique, different, fashion, eye catching and quirky. You can tell how much he loves his job. After he spoke at the agideas, Saw him in the forum and spoke to Antoni and got his autograph. I was so excited to meet such a talented designer.

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Agideas is designers all over the world come together and speak to students who want to be inspired, designers who are seeking inspiration, companies who want to get inspiration and get great ideas and even primary school children who want to know about design and get knowledge about design.

For an assignment for university, all 2nd years students went to agideas. We all had to listen and write notes about each designer. Throughout agideas some speakers were so boring and was very tiring to listen to. But in the end agideas was very inspirational. There were so many designers. 40 Designers! Can u believe that! I had to listen to all of them. The designers were amazing and famous around the world. The speakers spoke about how they became a designer, what interest them, how they started in life, and advised us about design. Some of the speakers were very humorous and engaged with the audience. Some of there work were amazing to see and showed us the steps of how they got to the final stage.

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I designed a short type animation in my multimedia classes. The whole animation is out of type. The type animation was created in flash. There was a list of interesting quotes from people who interoperated there own statement of what design is about. I choice “Design is intelligence made visible.” by Alana Wheeler. My theme is based around a girl daydreaming on here train trip and she goes in her own world of design. I had to draw up a storyboard so it gave me an indication of what am illustrating. I’m not going to lie but it was really challenging to create button, and using coding. I hope you enjoy the short type animation