Its funny how advertisements are so different now. Generations after generations everything changes. Technology takes on a big part of today’s society. I found this advertisement on Pepsi from the 1950’s. It’s so different to now. Back then artwork/design on advertisements was all by free hand. Illustrations like this must have taken forever. They would have to make sure very detail counts and looks perfect. In the illustration I can see that women back then were like sex symbols and today as well, they do this to grab attention from men and women to buy the product. The way the women in posing is a relaxed and refreshed emotion with a sexy and fit body. The way the guy is looking at the women thinks she is sexy and want some of what she is having which is Pepsi. In today’s Pepsi advertisements they use sports poses and celebrities or icons that are in good shape, or just the male or female figure, also they are mostly photography in color and some illustration but done on the computer. The only thing I don’t like about 1950’s advertisements are the logo. The logo is placed in a random spot and has no purpose to the ad. It looks tacky with the yellow background.




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