This was a project about being creative and learning how to use Photoshop. I had to have a theme and take my own photos, color correct the photos and putting them into a montage. The theme is a combination of graffiti vandalism on buildings and the worst weather in Australia (the floods) in 2010. I wanted a dramatic approach of the city going under the sea. There were lots of movies about the world coming to an end, example; 2012 the movie. I took photos of main attractions in Melbourne’s city. The images I took were, The Eureka building, Federation buildings, The South Bank Bridge and a street lamp. 
I was aiming for a dramatic, dark, stormy attempt. I wanted today’s urban look, with minimal color, dark tones with highlights sun shining on buildings. 
My finished piece was achieved with many layers and applying different blending modes and using masking mode to darken or lighten, 
also erasing some areas to have more of a flow.
The City Going Under